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SOPHISTICATED ELEGANCE is what pavers bring to any environment. They add a timeless quality to both the aesthetic and function of driveways, walkways and patios. With a proper

installation, they can last the lifetime of your home or business. With time however, their luster will begin to diminish. Dirt, stains, tire marks, inclement weather and harsh sun can factor into a change in their appearance. The joint sand can eventually lose its strength in places, disappear, and weeds may find their way to the surface. We offer a professional service that will restore your pavers back to their original beauty. Our renewal process delivers what looks like a brand new installation for a fraction of the cost. Contact us today for a free consultation or to schedule your restoration!

Hot pressure pave cleaner

We begin by using the technology of a hot water pressure system with wet steam. Our cleaning process melts and washes away the dirt, grime and stains that have appeared over time. It also eliminates any weeds or mold that have shown up.

Joint sand for pavers

Joint sand is vital in maintaining the integrity of your paver system and therefore it is necessary to re-sand prior to sealing. Missing sand allows rain and pool water to breach the surface and begin eroding the roadbase and sand foundation upon which it is constructed as well as allowing unsightly weeds to grow.

Sealer for pavers

We apply a professional grade sealer that serves to protect the pavers from penetrating stains, mold and mildew buildup and solidifies the joint sand, thus maintaining the overall integrity of the system. Aesthetically it brings out the beautiful, deep, rich colors of the pavers and is truly transformational.

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